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Odd Shopping List

There’s a lot you could say about Harry.  All of it true and most of it frankly confusing.  “Harry is as Harry does” folks around here say.  I’ve lived here going on twenty years now and I still don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean.

Then again, understanding Harry or things about Harry isn’t something anyone does.  For example recently he was in the Nutjob Hills Diner with one of those really thick spiral notebooks.

He’d sit and stare at it for five or twenty minutes and suddenly pick up a pencil and write something down.

He kept this up for over an hour.  Finally one of the waitresess couldn’t stand it any longer.  She just had to know what it was he was writing.

The next time she went to that part of the diner she made it a point to find a way to be busy at the table behind Harry.  The next time he started writing she got up and looked at his notebook as she slowly passed.

bicycle tire repair kit
double cheeseburger
cereal – heat shrink cutters
yellow cake mix
carburetor – four barrel

As she should have expected.  Knowing the answer to her question only raised a dozen more.

E-008- Talking And Re-designing

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I take another look at spaceplanes and then talk about why I’ve taken something of a break from KSP lately while I re-design the launch vehicle used for the moon flights.

E-007- Return

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Ok so the moon landing went ok and now it’s time to return to Kerbin.  Ideally without crashing, burning up, or running out of fuel too soon.

E-006- One Small Step

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The first of many small steps that I hope will end up with the conquest of the entire solar system

E-005- Adding Ferram

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After reading more about it and giving it a bit of thought I’ve decided to add Ferram Aerospace Research mod to KSP for this season.  I do believe it’s already proven to be a good idea because of how this flight went.

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