I recently discovered something that I think is going to turn out to be a really popular plugin.  It’s the CommentLuv WordPress plugin.

When enabled, it looks for the most recent post on the RSS feed at the url that the commenter leaves when posting the comment and adds a link to that post at the end of their comment.

This plugin, used in combination with Lucia’s Linky Love, is going to do a lot to encourage comments and therefore build traffic on blogs.  Lucia’s Linky Love already encourages people to comment because after a user definable number of comments from a combination of name, email and url, the link that the comment poster leaves is made ‘Do Follow’ (the default nofollow is removed from it) and after some more posts, the urls they leave in their comments become ‘Do Follow’.  This is to encourage repeat visits and comments.

Adding CommentLuv to it gives even more reason to return to a blog and comment because now not only will your blog url become ‘Do Follow’ but CL will reach out and give you a free ‘deep link’ to your most recent post.

All in all, this is an everybody wins situation.  Blogs with these plugins get more traffic and comments, and people visiting and commenting on these blogs end up with more inbound links to more urls on their site.

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