“Sneaker-net” is a term from back a few years when files would be moved from one computer to another by carrying ’em around on 5 1/4 inch floppies.  Back in those days Internet connections weren’t very common.  Nor were local networks.  If you were online those days it was by way of a dialup modem and you might have had to dial the phone manually and put the handset into an acoustic coupler when the computer on the other end answered.

The main point being that many times it was just easier to save something on a floppy and move it that way.  Well, it seems that “Sneaker-Net” lives again.  Only this time, instead of floppy disks that can hold only 128K, people are using memory sticks to move gigabytes of material around.

They’re doing this to get around the state-controlled media.  That, combined with the fact that Internet access is hard to come by in Cuba.  Old Havana has one Internet cafe and online time costs $5 (1/3 of the average Cuban’s monthly wages).

Who was it that said there wasn’t any censorship going on?

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