If you’ve paid any attention at all to weather related news in the last few days, or if you live in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and a few other states then you’re aware of the frog strangling monster of a rainstorm that has been hammering people for days.

This morning since it was pretty much over (meaning the worst of it was past us), my wife and I went out for a little bit of a look around.  I took a few pics of some of the flooding.  (the pics aren’t the best in the world but they’re really not bad given the little digital-320 camera I was using.)

While we were out I spoke to a firefighter that was doing roadblock duty, turning people away from town center because the underground tanks at the gas station had floated out of the ground.  Another guy there said that lake Thunderbird was in his backyard and that he’d measured *EIGHT INCHES* of rain in the last 24 hours.

This first pic is taken at the top of a hill looking across an intersection to what is normally a small stream of water coming off the lake into what usually is a smallish river / creek that passes through town center.  At the base of this hill you would normally see a road running from left to right and the creek would be just a bit on the other side of it between the road and a small park.


The raging waterfall you see in this pic is normally a nice calm stream of overflow coming off of lake Thunderbird into the creek.


This one is taken from the end of a low water bridge headed into Town Center.  There’s a car abandoned on the bridge where somebody tried to cross it in spite of the fact that it was flooded.  The water is normally a foot or two below the road level.


Looking across that bridge into a small park.  Normally the creek would be barely visible on the left side of the scene and several feet below the road level.


Looking upstream.  The other direction from the last shot.

For this one I walked into the park and took a shot across the creek toward the gas station.  (it’s in the center of the shot even though it doesn’t show very well)


Here’s a better shot of that drowned car stuck in the water on the bridge.


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