Anyone that knows me or has been reading my stuff for any length of time knows that I’m not now nor have I ever been a fan of the Democratic party and their goals & general way of doing things.  However I’ve got to say that I’m very much in favor of the kind of investigation that’s talked about in this recent Wired posting.  Frankly, while I think that while extreme measures are indeed called for in extreme situations, I also think that anyone who believes that this kind of thing can be allowed to go on un-checked is probably sauced enough for a 400 day stay in an alcohol rehab facility to clear their mind.

I think it’s long overdue for something like this.  The American people deserve to know just exactly what it’s government has been doing by way of agencies like the NSA.  The investigation needs to uncover details such as the extent of the warrantless wiretapping, how much domestic spying has been done?  … and a lot more questions.

Naturally, most Republicans are going to fall in party line and not rock the boat but the problem is that this is a serious matter and out freedoms are not only at risk, they’ve probably been being seriously abused for a lot longer and to a much greater degree than most people even want to think about.

The problem is that people need to open their eyes, see what’s going on and start thinking about how much they’re going to allow before they rise up and say “STOP

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