MPAA Ranting Against Net Neutrality Agian

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I’m thinking that the people running the MPAA need to get their story straight because what they’ve been saying lately sounds like they belong in a drug rehab facility.

Why? Because on the one hand, they’ve been ranting for years now about how online piracy is costing them humongous amounts of money.  Yet at the same time, they’re talking about all time record profits.

Specifically one of the MPAA heads, Dan Glickman, was at the ShoWest convention in Las Vegas and talked about things like the domestic box office numbers UP 5.4% to $9.63 billion…. The worldwide box office numbers up 4.9% to $26.7 billion… and so on.

Meanwhile, at that same ShoWest appearance, Glickman argued that neutrality regulations would prevent use of new tools that ISPs can use to prevent piracy.  (Can you say “Comcast”?  I knew you could!)

Of course, lobbyists for the MPAA and movie studios & so on have been hard at work trying to convince lawmakers that net neutrality is going to stop them from hunting down pirates.  Frankly, I think that they need to be stopped.

If they were to lay off spending so much time, money and other resources trying to stop people from sharing files, they might find that concentrating on just making more of the better quality movies and making them available at customer friendly prices would save everybody a whole bunch of aggravation.

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