According to an item on Wired, Some people in the music industry are working up a new plan to bilk people out of more money.  It goes back to one Jim Griffin, a consultant in “digital strategy” for three of the four major “big content” music providers, and his suggestion that ISPs collect a surcharge of $5.00 per user, per month and used “compensate songwriters, performers, publishers and music labels”.  The idea is that the money would be divided up according to the popularity of each artists’ popularity on P2P sites.

It’s amazing, some of the things people will try to come up with.  I can’t help thinking that ISPs who buy into it are gong to need medical id bracelets with “Impaired Brain Function” stamped on them.

Yeah, there’s a problem with piracy and so on but the answer is NOT to charge EVERYBODY for it.  That’s penalizing people who haven’t ever had anything to do with what they’re wanting to charge for.

All it’s going to do is align more people against the music industry, just like more and more people are aligned against the RIAA and the MPAA.  If the music industry keeps going down this road they’re going to end up losing out completely.  Already more and more artists are working out their own distribution and licensing arrangements by way of their websites and the power of internet distribution.  “Big Content” is quickly becoming outmoded.

[edited to add: Note that this $5.00 per user, per month surcharge would mean $20 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.  ….More than twice what the music industry is already making!!!  Let’s NOT let them get away with it!]

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