Do We Have A Right To Anonymity As Well As Privacy?

September 4th, 2006 | Posted in Internet, Privacy, Security | Comments Off on Do We Have A Right To Anonymity As Well As Privacy?

In a word, YES

What the author of the blog/whatever quoted here makes the argument that anonymity is not a right that people have an expectation of. She also tries to suggest that anonymity software should not be legally distributed except when somebody demonstrates the “need” for it somehow.

The problem with this is when somebody needs to be anonymous I daresay that they don’t really have the time to go getting approval first. It’s also entirely reasonable that the very person or persons / agency that is in charge of permitting anonymity could be the very thing that the would-be anonymous person needs to remain anonymous FROM in the first place.

She also tries to make the argument that anonymity and privacy are not the same thing. I submit that they very often are and that people have the right to function anonymously… Just like you don’t (or shouldn’t) have to identify yourself to a Law Enforcement Agent simply because they tell you to. They need to show cause or bring specific charges before identifying yourself should be required.

Do We Have an Expected Right to Internet Anonymity?
Should Internet Anonymity Software Be Distributed Legally?
Internet anonymity allows users to keep all the information regarding their personal, computer, and business information private while being active on the internet. Like any right or freedom, it can be very helpful or be heavily abused. If someone uses internet anonymity software because they are being stalked or harassed, then most would agree that their right to use internet anonymity is viable.  But, if someone wishes to be anonymous on the internet so that they can distribute viruses or communicate with terrorists, than their access to these tools should be denied. From these two assumptions, we can only agree that idealy, internet anonymity should be evaluated on an individual basis. The means, nor the support are available to offer this kind of regulation to internet anonymity, so the debate remains, should it be legal?

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