Like a lot of people, even though I hate political ads and don’t care for having to listen to excess amounts of this or that politician busily talking about how they’re better than this or that other one, I got this hilarious picture in my mind.  Ok, *I* thought it was funny, your mileage may vary.

It was one of those “there’s GOT to be a better way” moments when, courtesy of the news broadcast it seemed very much like Obama and Clinton were having a kind of “he said, she said” moment.  Never mind the fact that their statements were made at different times and places.  Never mind the fact that they were each addressing a crowd of supporters and not each other.

It still looked like they were practically having a knock down drag out verbal fight.  Suddenly I couldn’t help picturing them having it out one on one.  Beating each other senseless.  With feather pillows.  How’s that for something to break up the serious?

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