Today’s society is getting more and more subject to every kind of tracking you can imagine, from GPS systems in our phones and cars to satellite maps that can be zoomed close enough to make out your house from orbit.  The invasiveness of it all just keeps growing.

One of the next things coming down this pipe is called NeuroMarketing.  It’s an advertising mad scientists dream where neuroscience is brought to bear on advertising needs.

Basically it means mapping the responses in the brain to known inputs.  The intention is to build up a means to be able to come as close as they can to reading out minds and predicting accurately what pitch is going to get the sale in a given situation.

I’m all for progress, science, and learning all we can about all kinds of things but I can also say that some things are better left alone.  This thing, if allowed to go on unchecked, is going to come back to haunt us one day when the most evil of governments uses it as one of many tools to predict and control the behavior of the population.

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