No, I’m not talking about somebody’s latest plan to build a subway from New York to London.  It’s actually about old New York Subway cars being used to build reefs.

Of course, such a plan has it’s problems.  Not the least of which is that the initial project is meeting such success that other cities are now copying the idea and the subway cars are now the object of growing competition.  Currently New York provides them free but you’ve got to figure that sooner or later they’re going to decide to take advantage of the demand and start selling them.

I guess it just goes to show that it often pays to hang on to old stuff because sooner or later you’ll either come up with a use for it or somebody else will be willing to buy it from you.  It almost doesn’t matter what you’re talking about too.  Anything from hdmi cables and used golf clubs to old tv remote controls.  Sooner or later somebody will want it for something, even if it’s just fuel or fertilizer.

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