According to an article on Microsoft had best make sure that the Windows operating system has an up to date programlife insurance quote.  Because the way things have been going with Vista and Microsoft’s refusal to just be sensible and stick with the XP that already works…. beefing that up instead of scrapping it in favor of the rolling and screaming … disaster that Vista has become.

If Microsoft can’t pull it’s collective heads out soon and do something right with XP, they’re going to end up a has-been that people will start forgetting.

Also, don’t look for the next version beyond vista, code named “Windows 7” to be any better.  From what I’ve see thus far, that thing is geared not for the user so much as it is to make Microsoft more money.  Instead of just providing a complete operating system, they’re carving that thing up into modular chunks, bits that will require more money (and activation codes no doubt) in order to add them in to the existing base install.

The only thing that this is going to do is turn people away from them even faster than Vista is doing.

Honestly, I think that vista has been the best thing for linux in a long time.  Windows 7 promises to be even better for linux.

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