Energy drinks.  You see them around a lot these days.  They’re promoted pretty heavily as being essentially the answer to all that ails you.  The message is often something along the lines of “Drink this stuff and you’ll be loaded with power”.  What they don’t do however, is tell you about the cost of that power.

Most so-called energy drinks are basically loaded up with sugars and caffeine and while that *IS* going to give you a burst of energy, that burst is going to cost you.  First, the “sugar shot” is short lived, the energy you get from a “sugar shot” will last you for fifteen to twenty minutes at best.

Second, while the caffeine will last longer than the sugar, it too will give out in a fairly short time.  Third, when these things wear off you have two choices, get our another one of whatever it was and do it again, or crash.  Of course, you can keep slugging down “energy drinks” to keep yourself going, but then you finally do stop you will come crashing down.

What’s the answer?  What would be best ingredients for a GOOD “energy drink”?  How about giving the body something natural to work with?  Take Tea for example.  Tea drinkers can tell you that while it does have caffeine in it, it’s half of an equally sized cup of coffee. Besides, what sounds more refreshing to you on a hot summer day?  A hot, steaming cup of coffee or a cold Iced Tea?  Even a dedicated coffee drinker like myself would be more interested in a cold glass of tea after spending time in the hot.

Now take a look at some of the benefits of Tea:

Tea has been shown to help fight heart disease and lower cholesterol.  It’s got almost no calories in it.  There’s also no fat and no salt.  It’s also got fluoride in it which helps maintain strong bones and teeth.  Not only that, but two cups of (real) tea has as much flavonoids as a full serving of vegetables.

Flavonoids are the plant nutrients in tea that researchers and health experts have been talking more and more about in the last couple of years.  Why?  Because Flavonoids have an antioxidant function.  This means that they are able to deactivate potentially harmful free radicals.  Free radicals, if not counteracted, can give rise to chronic health problems.  Flavonoids can be found in any tea that is derived from the leaf of the warm-weather evergreen known as Camellia Sinensis.  A good place to get genuine white tea is Revolution Tea, but there’s one more step to that “energy drink”.

Fruits.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s heard plenty about how good fruits are and all the benefits they have.  From vitamins to more of those flavonoids, and other anti-oxidants.  They’re also a source of natural sugars that are easier for the body to process.

Now, Mix White Tea with things like Mango, Green Apple, Pomegranate, or Blueberry and you’ve got a good “energy drink” that’s actually good for you.  You get the three-dimensions of White Tea, Fruits , and Vitamins.  Now for the good news, Revolution Tea has a product called “Revolution 3D“, which is exactly this combination.

Seems to me that if “Energy drinks” are your thing, then it only makes sense to at least stick with something that won’t do more harm than good in the long run.  Revolution Tea’s 3-Dimensional White tea, fruit & vitamin drink sounds like a good solution.

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