Given the track record of federal agencies going out of their way to gain power they shouldn’t have, this news isn’t exactly a surprise.  The Feds have finally managed to pull off something that I know they’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  They’re planning to collect DNA samples from everybody arrested by a federal law enforcement agency, some 140,000 people a year according to government estimates.

Make no mistake, when they say arrested by a federal law enforcement agency that includes everything from the FBI and Secret Service, to the Library of Congress Police.  If somebody is arrested by any of these, the feds plan to take a sample of their DNA, even if the charges get dropped.  Once they have the sample, it’s going to be extremely difficult to get it out of the system.

Included in the list of people that are going to be required to give up DNA samples is foreigners that are detained, regardless of being charged with anything.

Current practices have DNA collection limited to convicted felons but this move is going to widen the scope of this DNA database considerably.

I wonder how long it will be before they start insisting on DNA samples for more situations until finally the feds have a sample for everybody?

Yeah, I know, it’s all in the name of preventing crimes… least that’s what the article says. Me, I don’t see how collecting DNA samples is going to PREVENT a crime.  It MIGHT make it easier to solve the crime but there’s no sense to the claim that collecting DNA samples is going to prevent crime.  That’s ridiculous

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