Remember the big flap that’s been made about the National ID card that the government has been trying to foist off on us, requiring states to become “Real ID compliant”?  This is the same “Real ID” that several states have refused to be part of.  Well, if H.R. 5405 passes then it’s very likely that they’ll sneak it in under the door and in the process turn the Social Security card into a National ID card.

House bill H.R. 5405 is titled the ‘Social Security Identity Theft Prevention Act.’  It was introduced on Feb. 13, 2008 by Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL).  The “reason” for this bill is “to protect seniors from identity theft and to strengthen national security.”  Last I read, The bill has been referred to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Here’s the sneaky part: The bill calls for changing the design of the Social Security card.  The new design will include a picture, fingerprint, barcode, magnetic strip and a computer memory chip.  For all intents and purposes it changes the Social Security card into a National ID with the Social Security Administration in charge of it.

It’s not a surprise that this thing gets sneaked in under the guise of preventing identity theft. Back in 2005 the Real ID Act was passed in the House and then died in the Senate as HR 418 ended up getting passed anyway because it got attached to HR 1268, the absolutely must-pass bill that provided for relief for the Asian tsunami crisis and Iraq emergency supplemental appropriations bill.

Because of that, all 50 states found themselves under orders to meet federal standards for drivers license that effectively turned them into National ID cards by the end of 2009.

This plan to force states to make these changes to drivers licenses started running into problems when several states and a lot of privacy minded people started objecting to it.

Now they’re trying to sneak this thing in again, this time using a federal program instead of something run at a state level and of course, it actually hits more people because while you don’t HAVE to have a drivers license, you DO have to have a Social Security card if you plan to earn money in this country.

This thing has entirely too many potentials for misuse for it to be even close to a good idea.  Besides that it’s also a step, perhaps several steps, closer to the “mark of the beast” setup described in Revelation 13.

This thing needs to be stopped.  Everyone should contact their representatives and senators about this and urge them to vote against it.  Equally important is getting the word about this out where more people will see it.  The government is trying to sneak this in under the radar, don’t let them.

I recommend that everyone use this link to contact their Congresscritters in the US House of Representatives and tell them that you want them to vote against HR 5405.

You can also use this link to track the progress of HR5405 ,

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