We’re moving farther and farther into the last days.  One evidence of this is the growing trend of governments and law enforcement agencies to find more excuses to snoop on people.  The latest in this trend is proposals by the German government that would allow video surveillance of private homes.

Oh, there’s all the usual “we’ve got safeguards in place to keep it from being misused and we’ll only be watching if there’s a ‘pressing danger for state security’. ”

They’re making a point to say that there’s really strict conditions governing it’s use and that it’s all about keeping people safe from terrorists, which has become one of the biggest blanket excuses for governments and law enforcement agencies doing all kinds of privacy invasive things.

I sincerely hope that this thing is defeated and the people responsible for it get tossed voted out of office ASAP.

I wonder how often folks there read George Orwell’s 1984?  That video surveillance in the home thing originated in that story in the form of a tv that also had video and audio pickups to insure that “Big Brother” was always watching.

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