What state is nonexistant?  The so-called “Palestinian state”.  The very same one that President Bush is voicing optimistic opinions that the peace process will “define” that state before he leaves office.

I guess it must be that time of year or something because this Palestinian state issue keeps coming back around and every time it’s no closer to happening than it’s ever been and there’s good reason for that: The location that they want to set this so-called Palestinian state up in is Israel.

This fact alone will continue to be a deal breaker on any plans for the creation of such a state.  The claim of Israel on that land goes back to when God gave it to Abraham for an inheritance.  Any other claim by comparison isn’t even old enough to need acne treatment yet, let alone have any claims to Israel’s land.

I fully expect this effort, like all of the others before it, will end in failure.  Of course, there’s also the question of just what the effort is in the first place.

This effort must not be confused with attempting to actually create a Palestinian state, Mr. Bush is talking about achieving “the definition of a state for the Palestinian people”.  That’s a far cry from an actual state.

It’s still however a sign of the times, further evidence that we’re living in the last days that there is even effort to create it in the first place.  When somebody comes along that can arrange such a peace between Israel and everybody else, the game will be almost over.

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