Once again, we’re hearing that the price of gas is expected to rise.  It seems like just about every day the report of the national average price is higher than the last.  People are being bled dry trying to come up with enough fuel to do the things they need to do.  Gone are the Sunday afternoon drives we used to go on when I was a kid.  Recreational driving is now a thing of the past unless you’re independently wealthy.

Congress won’t open up Alaskan oil fields for drilling new wells and apparently they’re also standing in the way of getting new refineries built.  Meanwhile, The execs in Big Oil companies are living high on the hog.  They’re posting all time record profits and their exec’s are pulling down salaries that would make your jaw drop.  This is the kind of money that doesn’t just pack the kids into the car and head off on vacation.  No, this is more like the “Vacation, charter the jet and reserve an entire floor in one of those ultra expensive las vegas hotels and we’ll just live high.

As if that’s not bad enough, now there’s this ethanol thing.  They’re making ethano out of corn and adding it to fuel in the name of cleaner air and better mileage.  Well, the air isn’t getting any cleaner and the fuel mileage hasn’t improved noticeably in over 30 years or more.

What is happening is that now a large amount of what would be foodstuffs is being made into fuel.  All it’s doing is causing the price of food to rise even faster than the cost of fuel was forcing it to do already.

I think that if something doesn’t change there’s going to start being some serious reactions to the situation.  It would not surprise me to see news reports of oil executives being attacked.  I also think that if people wake up to the role Congress has played in this mess, there’s going to be a lot of them going into unscheduled retirement when they get voted out of office.

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