There’s a piece in the NYTimes about lawyers having to fly all over the place and take all sorts of measures because they’re afraid of their contact with clients being monitored by the US government.

While I’m never going to be sympathetic to terrorists & their supporters, it’s part of how things are *supposed* to be done that lawyers get to communicate securely with clients.  What I don’t get about the NYT story is that these people are wearing themselves and their luggage out, living in perpetual jet lag when it seems that all they need to do is make one initial trip to establish arrangements with their clients to communicate securely by email.

It’s simple enough.  You get somebody with enough know how to be accurate and enough teaching skill to make it easy for anyone to write up instructions for basic use of GnuPG for encrypting emails.  Make one trip to give that to your client, exchange public keys and head back home.  After that, email communication is secured by encrypting everything with GnuPG.

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