I’m currently working on an update to Mixminion Message Sender and while I’m at it, I’d like to expand the number of mail2news gateways that it’s set up to use for posting to usenet.

Currently, I know of three that accept the name(s) of the newsgroup(s) as part of the “To:” address.  This format is necessary because the version of Mixminion that is currently available in a win32 build ( does not support a “Newsgroups:” header.

The ones that I know about now are:

Some time ago there was a fourth one:

… but it seems to have ceased operation.

I understand that future versions will include the “Newsgroups:” header, which will make it possible to use any mail2news gateway instead of just the ones that accept newsgroups in the “To:” address.

If anyone knows of gateways not listed here, I’d appreciate it if you’d take a few seconds and post a comment here with the details.  The same request goes for anyone that can give me details for building the current Mixminion (0.0.8alpha3) on windows using free tools such as Cygwin.

Once the new build of MMS is ready I’ll announce it here.

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