Summer’s Almost Here

May 16th, 2008 | Posted in Misc Assorted General Stuff, Opinion, Recreation | Comments Off on Summer’s Almost Here

It’s almost summer again and once again people are turning to what sort of vacation they’re going to be taking or looking back on vacations that they’ve taken before.  I’ve never really done anything spectacular for vacations, the most ‘spectacular’ being one of those weekend getaway type things.

One year I got in the car and drove a couple hundred miles to a city that I used to live in and stayed for a couple days looking up old haunts.  Not very exciting eh?  True, but it worked for me, giving me a much needed break from routine.  A lot of people would go a lot farther, taking some time on a site like and picking out a destination in their Weekend Breaks offerings and jet off to a three or four day weekend away from home.

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