Do you use sticky notes?  My wife and I do.  Sometimes there’s only a few posted here and there.  Other times there’s so many of the things stuck to the sides of my monitor that it’s practically framed in the things.  When birthdays or holidays start getting close it seems that we’ve got more of them than ever put up.  Reminders posted about everything from telephone numbers and appointments to what present Uncle whazit really really wants next Christmas.

They’re also really handy for labeling those presents.  Oh, Don’t get me wrong, we don’t actually use sticky notes for name tags on presents, but it’s possible we could do so sometime.  You see, the big thing about not using sticky notes for something like that is, lets face it, they’re about as plain as you can get.  Usually in white, yellow or in various pastel colors they’re not exactly what you would call the soul of decorative power.

That might change however because of Vista Print.  Not only do they have a line of sticky notes that features a good selection of designs, They’ve got this new (well, it’s new to me at least) thing where you can custom design them.  Upload pictures, specify text, color, Etc and then how many you want to order.

If you ask me, this is changing the face of sticky notes from a pure utilitarian thing to something that’s not only useful, but looks good in more situations.

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