New Version Of Mixminon Message Sender Released

May 17th, 2008 | Posted in Anonymity, Encryption, freeware, Internet, Misc Assorted General Stuff, Open source, Programming, Software | Comments Off on New Version Of Mixminon Message Sender Released

After a LONG time without updates, version 1.2.5-Beta of Mixminion Message Sender is now available.

There’s been several changes / tweaks in the code (see the changelog below) and I’ve created a new distribution that includes Mixminion ready to run “out of the box”.

I have not yet been able to compile Win32 binaries of the latest version of the Mixminion software so it’s still using version  When I am finally able to, I’ll include Mixminion 0.0.8alpha3 (or whatever version is current at the time.).

I’ll have a new edition of the Freenet MMS page inserted sometime over the next few days.

05/18/08 -1.2.5-Beta
Bugfix: error in mail2news gateway selection code caused to be ignored.
Code is fixed, but the gateway isn’t working as of this release.

Removed from mail2news gateway list since it’s been confirmed down
for quite a while.

Created a second distribution that includes mixminion already set up so that it’s
ready to run “out of the box”

Changed dummy packet generation to allow creating multiple packets,
default set to 3 packets at a time.

Changed “Clear form” command so that it sets the mail2news gateway to instead of “None”

Set default update interval to 2 hours if “Auto Update Servers” is enabled.

Changed minimum possible hops from 2 to 3 to insure minimum safe anonymous path

Changed maximum possible hops to 29 after experiments showed it to work

Changed SURB generation so that first and last hop select boxes and Number of hops
droplist control the SURB path

Made the ‘get path’ routine into a subroutine that’s now called from several places
instead of duplicating code

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