cover letterThis site is selling the services of providing cover letters and resume templates for people looking for a job.

With the unemployment rates rising the way they have been for the last few years, this kind of service is not only beneficial to a job seeker, it’s going to be more and more valuable because when there are more people seeking jobs than there are jobs to be had, the competition gets rough.  Every advantage and edge you can get is essential if you’re going to be the one to, as the site is titled, “Land That Job”.

The site itself is a basic design which aims to inform the visitor what their services are and why they’re valuable.  Personally, I think that their text color vs background color combinations could use more contrast.  Most of the text was a middle range grey on a white background that I found a tad difficult to read without using “Control+PLUS” to increase the text size a step.

In spite of that I think it’s not only a decently made site but the service is one that I’d at least be tempted to use if I were doing battle in the job market because in spite of the fact that I do a lot more writing nowadays than I used to, I’ve never been very comfortable with that kind of writing.

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