Christians who see this story about a new Digital Tattoo technology are very likely to wonder if this has anything to do with “The Mark” referred to in Revelation 13.

I don’t think that it is because they’re talking about installing it in your arm, not the forehead or right hand.  Although if you add certain other technology such as RFID to it, you could well be on the way to something that people will be very ready to accept.

However this is a bluetooth device, you would use it the way you would a bluetooth headset for your cellphone.. only this would also have a form of video display…. albeit in black and white.

Personally, I can’t help wonder how smart it would be to have something like this installed under your skin.  What about the possibility of it leaking?  After all, it’s inserted under the skin in your arm.  All it would take is just about anything that would result in a broken arm or sprained wrist and you could have yourself exposed to the chemicals inside that make it work.

Another issue is the way it’s powered.  It uses glucose and oxygen that it gets from your blood supply.  That immediately makes me wonder about what effect this would have on the blood sugar level.. a particularly sensitive issue with diabetics and others.  Especially since it doesn’t look like you can turn it off.

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