I just read a very informative article about one person’s experience with using a commercial service to recover the contents of a “dead” hard drive.

I think this article is well worth reading by anyone that keeps any kind of “sensitive” information on their hard drives.  It seems that even if you take the drive out of the computer and beat the thing with a sledgehammer it’s entirely likely that outfits like Drivesavers will be able to recover a surprising amount of data from the drive.  …and that’s just a commercial outfit.. it’s generally accepted that government agencies are five to ten years ahead of the general public when it comes to certain kinds of technology… such as recovering data from drives and cryptography.  If you don’t believe that certain Three Letter Agencies wouldn’t be able to outperform a Drivesavers kind of operation, then I’ve got some oceanfront property in Kansas that I think you’ll be interested in.

The solution for keeping things secure is to never store sensitive data on an un-encrypted hard drive.  You’re infinitely better off setting up a truecrypt container and keeping your data in that.  Then storing the containers themselves on a hard drive thats been treated with whole disk encryption.  It may sound like overkill but in matters of security, paranoia is the word of the day.

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