A Look At www.logoyes.com

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www.logoyes.com is a logo design service unlike any ordinary “business card” site that I’ve run across before.

LogoEyes Business CardThe card pictured here is an example of what you can custom design on their site.  Drawing from a huge library of stock images and doing a bit of very easy editing, I was able to create this demo card in less than four minutes.  Honestly, I’d have gotten done quicker but I took some time to browse their image library, which is quite extensive, before settling on the one that appears here.

I chose a basic black on white color Scheme simply because I like the simple, direct message that can be embodied in few words and a crisp logo.

Honestly, had I been looking for something to use in a buisness environment I’d have taken a lot more time just to make sure that I chose the right logo image, color scheme and layout arrangement.  For that matter, while they’ve got hundreds (thousands maybe? I dunno, it’s a lot) of stock images to work with, It would also be a worthwhile idea to explore their logo creation services to make sure that the logo was just exactly what it needed to be for my particular venture.

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