Just in case anyone thought that Middle Eastern nations allow their citizens freedom of expression, take a look at this brief news item about a Syrian blogger.  It shows clearly that the Syrians are among those nations who have yet to shed their mental corsets and realize that freedom of speech and expression is something that should be supported by any righteous government.

It seems that the Syrian government took offense to something that Tarek Bayassi wrote in his blog and he was arrested “for surfing sites of Syrian opposition groups and posting comments online”, charged with “undermining the prestige of the state and weakening national morale”, found guilty and sentenced to 6 years.  That sentence was later commuted to three years.

Think about it for a moment, all this guy did was look at websites that disagreed with the government and post some comments online.  While I think it’s a sad truth that we Americans have allowed a lot of our freedoms to be stolen away over the years, I’m glad that we are thus far still allowed to disagree with our government and be vocal about that disagreement.

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