I’ve just read a BBC News item that reveals a Canadian privacy group, “The Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic”, has listed 22 violations of Canadian privacy law.

Basically they say that Facebook is collecting information about it’s users and then sharing that information without their permission.  Not only that, but apparently they’re not even informing users of what information is being collected or details of how it’s used.  The group also says that Facebook “does not adequately destroy user data after accounts are closed.

If you’re not a member of Facebook the answer is simple, either don’t join or if you do, be very careful about what personal information you allow Facebook to know about.

As always, you should never count on somebody else to preserve your privacy.  Everyone needs to be responsible for their own privacy in two basic ways.

1) Never post anything online that you wouldn’t want to see on a billboard over the highway at rush hour
2) Read privacy policies and make sure you understand what information they say they’re going to collect and what they’re going to do with it.

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