Air Force Seeks Monster Botnet

June 1st, 2008 | Posted in Current Events, domestic spying, Internet, Last Days, News, Opinion, Programming, Security, Software, Technology | Comments Off on Air Force Seeks Monster Botnet

I just read something that needs some attention.  It’s a piece called “Air Force Aims for ‘Full Control’ of ‘Any and All’ Computers“.

Essentially, they’re working on developing a suite of software tools that will give them access to and full control over any type of computer they encounter.

The whole point is to be able to handle a “Cyber War”, seeking to infiltrate and take over control of enemy computer networks, websites, etc.  The problem is that this is likely to mean lots (thousands?) of “friendly” computers stand to be taken over by rootkits and God only knows what else to create a huge military botnet.

Just offhand, I’d say that while there are important military needs here, there’s also a line that needs to be drawn … and not crossed.  I just wonder if it’s maybe already too late to stop ’em.

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