www.chicagocareersite.com is a site that looks like it’s making an effort to be a kind of “one stop shopping” site for people seeking or trying to fill jobs in Chicago.

It offers plenty of features for both job seekers and employers.  The job seeker can post a resume, browse listings, search by city or by industry, as well as do an advanced search that allows more factors to be taken into account for the search.

Employers can examine resume postings or search them for particular features, post job listings, track job applicants and quite a bit more.

The site is laid out in an easy to follow manner and puts considerable amount of information on the page without getting confusing.  The only downside I can see at all is that the page is apparently hard coded for a 1024 wide screen because if the browser is set to anything less than that it grows a horizontal scroll bar.  Other than that, not bad.

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