Republican Proposal Would Direct FISA Court To Grant Immunity To Telecoms

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I just got the June 6 issue of EFFector and thought I’d share this item from it for those who didn’t see it.  It seems that the issue of immunity for telecoms that participated in the NSA’s illegal warrantless wiretapping program.

Now they’re trying to get the FISA court (remember, that’s the “Secret court” that doesn’t have to tell anybody what it’s doing.) to grant immunity to those telecoms if they had a piece of paper saying that the President authorized the surveillance.

The problem is that regardless of who authorized it, that whole mess was illegal and in direct violation of Four major privacy statutes as well as the 1st and 4th Amendments to the Constitution (pdf)

Certain political figures have been often quoted as saying that ours is a nation that lives under the rule of law.  If this is true, then it follows that nobody can be allowed to be above that law, regardless of their rank, position or office.  If we start allowing some to be excepted from the rule of law or to consider anyone to be in any way “above the law”, then we are in desperate trouble.

Take action now, visit Stop the spying and use the handy form their to contact your representative and urge them not to allow telecoms to be given immunity for participating in the NSA’s Illegal domestic spying program.

You can also visit to read more about NSA Spying and The Case Against Retroactive Amnesty for Telecoms

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