Revision3, an “Internet television” company was attacked over the weekend in the form of a Denial Of Service (DOS) attack.  It turns out that the attack came from MediaDefender, a name many will recognize as an outfit doing a lot of dirty work for the RIAA, MPAA and various “Big Content” providers.

The attack consisted of a flood of A TCP/IP request packets that request a new TCP/IP connections to be established.  Known as a ‘SYN’ packet which is an abbreviation for Synchronize.  MediaDefender’s attack had over 8,000 SYN packets per second directed at port 20000 on their server, which is the port used by their BitTorrent tracker.

Why did MediaDefender launch this attack?  Because they have an ongoing war, they’re attacking BitTorrent trackers and P2P networks in an effort to stop the trading of copyrighted files.  The problem with this is that Revision3 wasn’t doing anything like that.  They’re weren’t involved in trading copyrighted music, xbox 360 games, movies, software or anything else.  They use BitTorrent to distribute THEIR OWN CONTENT.

They discovered that somebody (who turned out to be MediaDefender) was injecting a lot of torrents into their server.  They took action to de-authorize torrents that were pointed to non-Revision3 files.  When they did that, MediaDefender started sending in excess of 8,000 SYN packets per second.  The flood was too many requests coming in too fast, which resulted in the server going down. (you can get the full details of the attack on Revision3’s blog)

MediaDefender, and other RIAA / MPAA goons need to be held accountable for the damage caused by this kind of thing.  Not only that, but Attacks like this are illegal twelve different ways from Sunday and they *SHOULD* be prosecuted for it.

Unfortunately, it’s looking like nobody’s going to see the inside of a courtroom, let alone a jail, for this and many other such attacks.

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