I discovered Anim8or not too long ago.  For those who don’t know, it’s a 3d modeling and animation program.  With it you can build 3d models of whatever you want and then create animation sequences that can be exported as movie files.

The problem is in finding tutorials aimed at rank beginners.  I found some stuff on the Anim8or site, I even built the little red bird-wannabe thing with legs and made it walk around.  However that was done by way of picking my way through a text and picture tutorial and while it was very nicely done, I think it’d be great to find some video tutorials that were made for beginners.  Having searched everywhere else I cna think of, I’ll probably start looking around on Amazon books and other places to see what’s there.

I have to say that My brother did provide one good set of video tutorials he had found a while back that walk through creating a humanoid figure, but it would still be good to find more.

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