Politics is a messy business and it’s even messier when it comes to figuring out who to vote for.  Up until recently I’ve been leaning in the direction of McCain, in spite of the fact that he’s… well, not exactly in the running to be poster boy for natural acne treatment commercials.

Then I read about him doing some flip-flopping on the subject of warrantless wiretapping… first it’s not ok, then it’s ok..  First, he needs to pick a side and land someplace.  Second, Warrantless wiretapping and domestic spying is NEVER ok.  Also, I haven’t seen much about who’s the most likely choice for his vice president.

Clinton is essentially out of the running for president, which is a relief, yet is still a possible choice for vice president.  I really hope that Obama has more sense than to pick her.  Talk about four years of nightmares!

Then Obama himself, well meaning, charismatic as all get out, and a virtual funds raising machine.  Problem with him is that he doesn’t have the experience needed and a lot hinges on his choice of vice president.  That and I’m naturally suspicious of anyone that charismatic.

The biggest problem is that we appear to be running out of choices.

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