Gay Marriage Now Legal In California

June 18th, 2008 | Posted in Current Events, Last Days, News, Opinion, Politics | 6 Comments

They’ve finally gone and done it.  The whole same sex marriage thing is now legal in California.  No doubt there will be other states to follow.

People wonder why it seems like so many things are, to use an old expression, “going to hell in a handcar” (only these days it’s more like a rocket than a handcar.) Well, things like this, where something that God calls an abomination is not just largely ignored and then somehow glorified.  It’s no wonder that so much is going so wrong.  By not only allowing that which God calls an abomination but actually passing laws that officially sanction that abomination, the government that passes such laws puts itself and it’s people in the position of being an enemy of God.

Such is the case with the California court decision that made it the second state to officially sanction same sex marriages.  I guarantee that there will be no good coming from this.

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6 Responses to “Gay Marriage Now Legal In California”

  1. I do not mean to be argumentative but not everyone believes in God. Just because you do, does not mean you should force your beliefs on others. I myself do believe in a higher power, but I definately do not think that the government that controls a whole nation should follow those beliefs.

    Just by outlawing gay marriages does not mean they will go away, you just make it harder for others to be happy. They will still be there, but unhappy. Why not work for a better and happier society rather than trying to influence others into your beliefs?

  2. If you choose not to believe in God that’s your privilege.  However, The government you refer to was established by Christian people.  “One Nation Under God” is what this nation truly was in the beginning.  It’s true that as time has worn on and people choose sin and abomination over righteousness the Christian nature and origin of The USA does become harder to see but that does not change the fact.

    Yes, outlawing something will not make it go away, but that doesn’t mean the government should endorse abomination either.  Outlawing murder, rape, and child abuse hasn’t made them go away either, yet they remain outlawed because they are wrong and the government would be wrong to endorse them.  The case of same sex marriage is no different.

  3. Its like legalizing immorality. Maybe the California government cannot stop such actions thats why they legalized it.

  4. The problem is that an inability to stop something is not a good reason to legalize it.  In fact, it’s a reason to find a better way to convince people that sin is wrong.

  5. This is certainly not a decnt step take forward by the law of California. This can have some adverse effects in the other nations as well! There’s no supreme power than GOD indeed!

  6. No, it’s not.

    Neither do I believe that your name is “Bluetooth”.  Frankly the only reason I’m not editing that part of your comment is that the Lucia’s Linky Love plugin prevents it from being do-follow.