It’s possible to do a lot of blogging without the use of links but sooner or later you’re going to want to include a link to some page you want to share or that is somehow relevant to something that you are writing about.  I’ll also grant that by and large I think that a majority of people that blog pretty much have enough know-how to do this.

However once in a while I still get asked questions about how to do these things so I thought that I would write a tutorial in an effort to make it clearer.  I’ve included screenshots to clarify what I’m saying.

Select text that will anchor the linkEnter the text of the post as you would normally write it.  Then, to make a link, highlight the text that the link will be anchored to, click the “Link” button and either type or paste the url for the link into the box that pops up.type or paste the link url here

When you click the “Link” button, a box will pop up, this is where you either type or paste the url of the page that you want to load when someone clicks on the link text.

link text with generated htmlWhen you click “Ok”, the text that you had selected before will now be wrapped in a bit of html code that makes it into a link that can be clicked on.

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