Dead Monitor Cramps Computing Style!

June 24th, 2008 | Posted in Blogging, Current Events, Hardware, Misc Assorted General Stuff, Site News | Comments Off on Dead Monitor Cramps Computing Style!

What do you do when you’re toiling away at the project of the moment and all of a sudden your monitor goes dark?  There’s no clicking sounds, not a whiff of smoke or a flicker of the lights.  The computer itself continues merrily along, waiting for your next input or instruction.  Checking and double-checking the connections show that they’re all good.  Cooling is ok, Etc.  The only apparent problem is that the monitor itself simply will not show a picture anymore.

Well, What I did when that happened to me late yesterday afternoon was all of the checking and testing that I could think of, followed by switching out the monitor with a borrowed unit.  However that main one is going to have to be replaced asap.  Unfortunately, like most people these days, reserves are not there for a replacement.

So I’ve decided to do the only other thing I can think of and place a shiny new Paypal donate button in the sidebar in a blatant effort to raise cash for a monitor

Thanks for your patience and we now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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