Here’s an interesting note, According to an interview with John De Goes, president of N-BRAIN, open source has effectively killed the software developer tools market.  Apparently, in today’s open source software world, there’s a lot of people that have become set in their ways when it comes to the development tools they use.  “Some developers would rather quit their job than be forced to use a new editor or IDE.” De Goes said.

He’s right too.  When you become comfortable working with a particular set of tools there’s every reason not to change.  Not the least of which is the almost total loss of productivity during the time that it takes to learn new tools, how they work, their inner quirks and so on.

Easier by far to stick with what you know.  For example, I’ve seen all kinds of html editors out there, some free, many not free.  I won’t touch any of them because I’ve been using Notepad and Arachnophilia 4 practically since it came out and changing to something else is going to be like pulling teeth.  … I’ll do it when there’s absolutely no other choice and not until.

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