The primaries are over, the conventions are still yet to come (though I don’t see the point of having them since the outcome of each is already predetermined) and all parties are now focusing on the general election in November.  Things are barely getting started and already the fear tactics have begun:


In describing the reasons he believes the Republicans’ presumptive nominee for president would be better prepared to lead the nation next January, Sen. Joe Lieberman said that history shows the U.S. would likely face a terrorist attack in 2009.

What’s annoying about this is the timing.  Yeah, we’ve all heard it before and it’s obvious to anyone who’s paid any attention at all in the last eight years that there is always a potential for another terrorist attack.  However it’s interesting and more than a bit annoying when the only time anyone want’s to talk about it is when they can use it to try and leverage fear into more votes for their side.

Playing on fear is every bit as bad, or even worse, than the mudslinging that candidates always promise to avoid and always end up doing anyway.

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