According to an article on PC Pro, media giant Rupert Murdoch was provoked into an “angry outburst” over the fact that somehow, Facebook has managed to overtake MySpace.

Thing is, I’ve got accounts on both sites and I have to say that without doubt, Facebook is the slower, more aggravating site to use.  And I’m just talking about using the site to do something simple like MySpace blog posts or Facebook Wall posts.  I find that for much of anything more than that, it’s necessary to shut down most of my programs in order to have enough memory for the resource hungry flash apps on Facebook.  If I were a futures broker, I wouldn’t be betting much on Facebook in the long run unless they do a major re-design and efficiency improvement.

Just offhand, I’d say that Murdoch shouldn’t be fuming about Facebook overtaking MySpace, he should be completely puzzled.  In my experience, MySpace is worlds faster than Facebook.

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