I’ve been thinking about some changes to the look and function of the blog and tonight I’ve finally gotten around to actually doing some of it.  I removed the big no-google graphic and the dead monitor donate button that were in the sidebar because, honestly, they were taking up a bunch of space and not doing much, if any, good.

I want to thank my wife for getting me in gear to actually get these things done, particularly the RSS and email subscriptions, which were first put in place on her blog, Off The Cuff.

To make subscription options easier to find, I put in a larger, more noticeable RSS graphic / link and an email subscription box so you can get updates to A Peculiar Blog via email if you wish.  Both RSS and the email links are powered by Feedburner so that you know what you’re dealing with and because I’m not going to try creating and managing something do the job when Feedburner does it all for free.

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