I just saw this article on Time about something that’s got to be one of the flat out dumbest things I’ve heard about in quite a while.  The practice of sending text messages while driving.

Can you imagine this?  I’m no expert by a long shot but I’ve sent a few text messages (just enough to know I’d rather use conventional email!) and I cannot conceive of how anybody could manage to even dial a cellphone while driving, let alone use that incredibly clunky and slow method to write a text message and send it.

I think that among other things, this craze is going to have grandparents all over the place making sure that their children have life insurance for kids because if this practice is allowed to continue, somebody’s going to get killed.  Most likely it’s going to be somebody that wasn’t the goofball trying to text while driving.

On the upside, there have been several states that have passed laws prohibiting this stupidity, Louisiana being one of the most recent.  Yeah, I get that they’re going to be hard to enforce, but at least if they’re in place and it comes out that a driver was texting when an accident happened, then that moron gets to be liable AND prosecuted.

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