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The first thing to say here is that I consider that headline to be
misleading. It isn’t an "attack" on the so-called "privacy tool" at all.
It is being labeled Adware by a lot of people because it’s web searches
involve advertizing.

The second thing to make clear is that it is not actually a browser in
and of itself. It is instead a ‘skin’ for Internet Explorer that
modifies it’s behaviour and features. As such, I would consider it to be
no more secure than plain vanilla IE which to my mind, make it something
to avoid.

attack on privacy tool

Software that claimed to provide increased privacy whilst surfing
the web has been criticised by computer experts and the blogging

The application Browzar has been branded "adware" by many because
it directs web searches to online adverts.

Some technical experts also say Browzar, which claims to leave no
trail of webpages visited, does not work.

If you read the full article, you’ll see that one person found evidence
that Browzar does indeed miss some things in the trail that it claims to
clean up.

I had a look at their website and read their FAQ, which leads me to at
least one item that I just can’t leave alone because it’s just not true
at all. The question dealt with other ways to protect privacy online.

Browzar isn’t completely new technology though – aren’t there other
ways that I can protect my privacy online?

Browzar is the most simple, quick and effective way to surf the
internet privately. Although there are ways, on some internet
browsers, to erase history folders and so on, it is complicated and
involves a level of technical knowledge (and time) that many people
surfing the internet do not have.

They’re trying to give the impression that in other browsers this
clearing out of private data is difficult and require technical
expertise. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Speaking of the browser that I use most, Firefox,
This process is painfully easy. You click the "Tools" menu, and select
"Clear Private Data… Ctrl+Shift+Del" and it pops up a box like this
one asking you to confirm what you want deleted.

Firefox clear private data confirmation

Of course, you can also have Firefox delete this data automatically ever
time you close the browser. All you need to do is use the "Settings"
button on the "Privacy" tab of the "Options" command, also on the
"Tools" menu.

firefox clear private data configure

In short, if you’re looking for a browser that helps make it easier to
maintain your privacy, I would recommend you avoid IE and "skins" like
Browzar and use check out Firefox. It’s probably one of the best browser
solutions around today. (and no, nobody paid me to say that either. It’s
my own actual opinion)


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