Lawrence Roberts is one of those names that most people using the Internet have probably never heard or read before.  He’s one of the people that were involved in developing what has come to be the Internet that we all use today.  Specifically, He did a lot of the groundbreaking work in “networking through data packets”

Recently however, He’s got something else going on and it touches one of the hot topics in today’s Internet: P2P file sharing.

He’s put together a company called “Anagran” that’s producing “deep packet inspection” devices that he claims can detect which file transfers are P2P and is therefore able to throttle those transfers “in favor of other, more ‘high-priority’ traffic”

All I can say is that it’s a good thing that P2P software developers are continuing their work to stay ahead of efforts to block or throttle people’s ability to share files.  Other than that, he’s just about guaranteed himself a place of high prominence in the pantheon of the most despised people online.

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