As many people no doubt are aware, Zimbabwe recently had an election.  This election has turned out to have been rigged eight ways from Sunday so that Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe could continue to stay in power.  From what I’ve read, there’s really no question about it, the election was totally bogus and Mugabe shouldn’t be Zimbabwe’s President any more than Hannibal Lecter.

Not only that, but there isn’t really a whole lot of debate about this.  The guy has stolen the election and has effectively taken over the government.

Now enter the UN (yeah, I know, the UN is about as effective in most things as a regular dose of Phentermine would be on the Incredible Hulk.), They’re all set to pass one of their famous resolutions.  This one would have imposed an arms embargo on Zimbabwe, an international travel ban (presumably to and from Zimbabwe) and a freeze on the personal assets of Mugabe and 13 other officials (obviously this has to be talking about the personal assets that aren’t in Zimbabwe) and probably a few more things.  “economic sanctions” and so on.

Now I get it that UN resolutions aren’t generally very effective, but if nothing else it is a way of sending a message.  Well, Thanks to Russia and China a message has been sent all right, they vetoed it.  This sends a message that says certain UN members can’t get their heads pulled out far enough to see the fact that this kind of thing cannot be allowed to stand.  If it’s allowed to stand there then it’s going to be a whole lot harder to fight elsewhere.

Is it a big surprise that Russia is taking the position that they are that this would have been beyond the UN’s mandate?  They’d like such things to be beyond the scope of the UN because they’ve pulled the same kind of thing themselves (and / or been behind similar situations)

And then there’s China.  Saying that Zimbabwe should be allowed to resolve this political crisis on it’s own.  Yeah, that figures.  Just like China would like certain of their activities not interfered with… because they’ve got the upper hand on the people involved.  The regular citizens are the one’s getting the shaft in this situation.  Just how the heck are they going to resolve the matter when an illegal government is in charge and has the military and police forces on it’s side.

Yeah, right. That’s gonna happen.

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