While the presumed nominees of both parties have pretty much started their general election campaigns even though their respective conventions haven’t even been held yet to officially nominate anyone.  The campaigns are barely standing on their crib bedding when Former President Bill Clinton has already started sounding a bit strange.

He spoke recently at the National Governors Association’s semiannual meeting and talked about a growing polarization in America.  He made this 44 minute speech, citing statistics about voting habits and such, painting the picture that apparently people in this country are physically segregating themselves into groups that all tend to vote the same.

“We were sorting ourselves out by choosing to live with people that we agree with,” Clinton said.

While I will grant that it’s entirely possible that this end result is happening (I haven’t seen the statistics and frankly I haven’t time to hunt ’em up).  However I will say that I seriously doubt that what he’s saying is true.  It’s just not reasonable.

When people move from one place to another, how the majority of people at the new locale tend to vote is not one of the things they’re looking for.  They want to know where the schools, stores, a medical facilities are.  They want to know about crime and police response times.  They might want to know about property values and what might be driving them up or down.  Finally, they want to know absolutely everything about the home they’re moving into, especially if they’re buying it.

My family moved a lot of times when I was a kid and never, not once did my parents give a flying flip about the neighbors politics or voting habits.  They wanted a place they could afford that was safe and in a safe neighborhood that was close to everything we needed.  Politics had nothing to do with it.

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