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July 20th, 2008 | Posted in Blogging, Building Blog Traffic, Opinion, Software | 5 Comments

I ran across a cool WordPress plugin.  It’s called “Random Redirect“.  What it does is allow visitors to don their virtual swimsuits and take a dip in your blog’s postings.  All you need to do is provide a link to your blog with ?random added to the url.  For example, since I have it installed here, http://blog.peculiarplace.com/?random will cause WordPress to load one of the 1059 entries that exist on this blog as of this writing (this post is number 1060).

In a Stumbleupon kind of way people get a different random entry every time they use the random url, which allows them to get a look at more of your blog than they ordinarily would, probably finding interesting stuff along the way that they would otherwise have missed.

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5 Responses to “Random Redirect WordPress Plugin”

  1. What a sweet idea…. I’ve always loved SU but never thought about something similar for my sites!

  2. That odd…my previous comment showed up as anonymous…no worries.
    Anyways..I’ve put this on one of my sites…do you know if there is anyway to track the plugin’s usage?

  3. “That odd…my previous comment showed up as anonymous”

    That’s because you used an obvious keyword phrase for the “name” field.  I posted about this form of comment spam recently and I’ve decided to alter the “name” field of comments that look like keywords and phrases.

    Anyone who would like to advertise on this blog can contact me and we’ll work something out


  4. K…. a few things here…
    1. If this comment never sees the light of day I could care less.
    2. I was sincere about the fact that I didn’t know there was a plug-in like StumbleUpon (SU) for wordpress sites. It was helpful, I thanked you and then even returned (I thought this was a goal of your site but evidently not…I won’t in the future) to ask an additional question that was obviously looked over because you CLEARLY care more about getting comments than encouraging sincere comments and interaction with your readers….and that is fine but let em ask this, why even bother turning dofollow off?
    3. “That’s because you used an obvious keyword phrase for the “name” field.”
    The standards are interesting because I saw others in your recent commuters using the same method. Your blog your deal, but at least have the decency to be consistent.
    …I’m sure you’ll just delete this or try to trash my thoughts but I could care less… You are however welcome to leave your keyword name on one of my site with a sincere comment and I won’t mind at all.

  5. Answering your points by number:

    1. It was always going to “see the light of day” because not only do you deserve an answer to reasonable and polite questions but I also wanted to use the opportunity to further explain my position on the subject.  It just took me a while to get to it.

    2. I have no doubt as to the sincerity of your comment and question.  Sorry I didn’t answer the question before but it’s been rolling and screaming around here all month long.

    As for tracking the random redirect plugin’s usage, I haven’t seen or heard of anything.  No doubt the server logs would have the information but that’d be a pain to deal with.  This sounds to me like the kind of idea that would be well worth suggesting to the plugin developer that they add usage tracking functions.

    3. Yeah, there’s quite a few that I missed lately.  However I’ve gone back and corrected that.

    As for deleting or trashing your thoughts.  Nah, I’m not interested in that.  A difference of opinion is welcome.  Such is often the basis of discussion.  If you choose to welcome people using keywords, that’s your decision and you’re welcome to it.  I choose to encourage people to use names or handles instead of obvious keywords & phrases.

    Personally, when I leave comments I use the handle “Selif” in the name field consistently.  I figure that as a handle it’s a reasonable choice for the name field.  If I want specific keyword links from a website or blog then I think It’d be much better to contact the owner and ask nicely for them.  They’ll then either decline, go ahead and do it if they feel like it, or send me an advertising pricing structure for sponsored text links, posts with links and banner graphic links.