I’ve been noticing an increase in the amount of comment spam in recent weeks.  Usually the Akismet and Bad behavior plugins do most of the work of keeping the crap out of the comments but there’s been a higher than normal level of sewage backing up in the comment queue and, to continue the analogy, I’ve had to do something of a power flush and turn the bathroom faucets full open to hose out the crap left in some comments.

A good example one that somebody singing themselves as “Ground Info” left on “Random Redirect WordPress Plugin” where they wrote this fine bit of wit:

I just want to say that it is very fine posting. Keep it up thanks

I suppose that could be taken as an encouraging type comment that’s meant to be generally supportive etc…  Thing is, “Ground Info” turns out to have something to do with the game of Cricket, which the url they left so conveniently pointed to.

It’s like this, You want links, I’m fine with that, that’s why I’ve got the Lucia’s Linky Love plugin to allow regular commentors to get ‘do-follow’ links after a certain number of comments using the same name, email and url combination.  That’s why I have the CommentLuv plugin that tries to fetch a link to their most recent blog posting at the url they use in the comment form.  However I have a problem with people expecting me to believe that their name or handle is “Ground Info”.

That’s a baldfaced shot at using my blog for SEO and if that’s what you want, then I’d appreciate it a whole lot if you’d be honest and contact me about it and we’ll see what arrangements can be made.  I’m quite open to selling a bit of advertising space on this blog for what I believe are reasonable rates.  However attempts like this one to just game the comment system aren’t going to work.  Most stuff like that is automatically tagged as spam by Akismet and what it misses, I mark manually.

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