I’m always interested in a good deal and VistaPrint is a good one.  Their site features just about any kind of print job you can name.  From custom stationary to business cards (and business card holders of course).  Speaking of business cards, VistaPrint is famous for it’s free business card offers.

They also feature Letterhead design and printing, custom check printing, Brochures and a whole mess of other Creative Services.  And then there were Car Magnets, which you can use the coupon code “CarDoor25” to get 25% off Car Door Magnets

For those of you that don’t recognize the term, car magnets are those magnetic signs that a lot of businesses and some individuals will attach to their car doors so that they can get some advertising mileage out of their regular driving around.  It’s the kind of thing that helps build name recognition which is always important in an advertising campaign whether you’re promoting Joe’s plumbing, your favorite political candidate or whatever your pet cause is.

The great thing about magnetic car signs is that they’re not permanent.  For example a pizza shop can have delivery drivers attach one to each side of their car and that will count for quite a bit of free advertising as people see those signs everywhere the delivery driver goes.  You can tell when the calls start coming in where people tell you that they got the number off the sign on the driver’s car.

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